We’re celebrating our 2nd birthday: “uchka is premium natural cosmetics in every way”

We embody a deep love for nature and harness the powerful essences of wild plants. From April 8th to April 19th, we’re celebrating our second anniversary, and to mark this special occasion, we’re offering a 15% discount on all uchka products using the code birthday15. Additionally, we want to share the story behind our natural cosmetics through a conversation with Ivana Šimatović, the brand director and partner at Mediterra Herbal, the cosmetic house behind the uchka brand.

The idea that matured over several years

There needed to be more in the market for premium natural cosmetics that truly fit into this category in terms of product characteristics. Therefore, uchka is committed to standing out regarding the quality and effectiveness of products and visual communication.

The design of uchka packaging features fragments of motifs from the works of the renowned academic painter and graphic designer doyen Boris Bućan, which places uchka in the category of artistic work. This year’s ‘IdejaX 2024‘ creative competition jury recognised this visual expression, placing uchka’s visual identity in the ‘Best of Packaging’ category as a finalist.

Everything in your circulatory system in just a few minutes

uchka cosmetics are free from parabens, SLS/SLESS chemicals, petrochemicals, formaldehyde, and other harmful synthetic ingredients. Our cosmetics contain exclusively plant-based, natural, and bioavailable raw materials that the body can absorb and utilize. uchka is also beneficial for sensitive skin and safe for pregnant and nursing women. As Ivana Šimatović emphasizes, uchka is proud of its production process.

uchka produces its base materials from indigenous Istrian Medicinal wild plants gathered in truly demanding weather conditions and terrains.

Wildpicking on the hottest days of the year

Herb collection for uchka products occurs during the year and the day when plants contain the highest active substances. These are usually the hottest days of the year, between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m., when temperatures exceed 35 degrees Celsius.

Wildpicking is a unique method of collecting wild herbs that uchka has established as a value and brand speciality. It involves picking a few wildflowers or leaves while preserving the plant population. This ensures high-quality raw materials, final products, and a holistic philosophy.

Research has shown that wild plants contain up to 30 percent more skin-beneficial actives than cultivated plants.

uchka’s production process takes up to 4 weeks

Due to its philosophy and targeted premium quality, uchka cosmetics are produced over up to four weeks. uchka’s team knows that the ‘slow’ production method may not be the most efficient or optimal. Still, it is the only way to achieve premium product quality and ensure nature conservation.

Hydrolates and macerates in uchka products

If you turn your cosmetic products and examine the ingredients, you’ll see that ‘water’ is almost always the most represented component. Uchka products in the base composition do not contain water but are enriched with more effective and higher-quality active substances from hydrolats.

We produce hydrolates, which form the basis of all uchka products containing a water phase. These include Rich Cream, Meta-Light Cream, Gel Serum, Balancing Mist, Bi-Phase Body Elixir, and Protective Hand Cream.

In addition to hydrolates, produced by steam distillation, uchka also produces its macerates, which are used as the basis for all products containing an oil phase. These include Rich Cream, Meta-Light Cream, Eye Cream, Nourishing Serum, Bi-Phase Body Elixir, Lip Care Treatment, Protective Hand Cream, and Rescue Balm.

Celebrate our second birthday with us. Enter the code birthday15 at checkout and enjoy a 15% discount on all premium natural uchka products. Purchasing is simple and secure, and your uchka package will arrive at your address within 2 to 3 business days. Experience the quality of premium natural uchka products for yourself.

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