Elixir for complete skin care of the body with abundant carotenoids designed for profound renewal and hydration of the skin, preventing photosensitivity reactions and accelerating tanning.



Product description


Bi-Phase Body Elixir is a powerful blend of organic carrot macerate complemented by soothing and refreshing essences of wild-picked lemon balm and mint hydrolats, as well as natural humectants like red algae gel and phytosqualane. It is the first choice for devitalized, pale, dry, and mature skin, which soothes, regenerates, and restores moisture, freshness, and a healthy glow.

Beta carotene abundance makes it excellent as a pre-sun and post-sun skincare preparation as it protects the skin from oxidative damage, prevents photosensitivity reactions, and promotes healthy tanning.


One of the key active ingredients of this regenerating skin elixir is handcrafted organic carrot macerate. This macerate is rich in potent beta-carotene, making it an ideal addition for skin regeneration, deep hydration, and strengthening resistance to harmful UV radiation. These properties make it an indispensable component in skincare before and after sun exposure. In addition, carrot-derived carotenoids, which are natural antioxidants, help with anything that makes the skin tired, such as polluted air in cities or air conditioning in closed spaces, and are desirable for year-round skincare.

The ingredient responsible for restoring the skin’s hydrolipid barrier is phytosqualane. This derivative from olives possesses biomimetic properties, meaning it mimics our skin’s lipids, improving the absorption of other active ingredients and providing a soft and smooth complexion by protecting the skin from trans-epidermal moisture loss.

Furthermore, red algae gel provides excellent skin hydration and helps improve texture and elasticity. It contains a wealth of nutrients that are beneficial to the skin, such as amino acids, minerals, and vitamins.

The soothing and hydrating action of the formulation is rounded off with wild-picked lemon balm and mint hydrolats. Lemon balm hydrolate has a calming effect on the skin, hydrates it, and helps improve tone. It is excellent for soothing irritated skin after shaving, depilation, or sun exposure. Mint hydrolate has anti-inflammatory and refreshing effects, revitalizing and refreshing the skin and providing a sensation of freshness and comfort, which is excellent for summer care, but also for any skin irritations.


Bi-Phase Body Elixir provides complete body skincare. It regenerates, hydrates, soothes, and improves resilience against adverse external influences such as UV radiation and pollution. It restores radiance, elasticity, and moisture to the skin, making it ideal for devitalized, dry, tired, and pale skin, restoring its health and radiance. Additionally, it protects the skin from oxidative damage during sun exposure, prevents photosensitivity reactions, and accelerates tanning.


Shake well before each use until both phases are completely blended. Apply a few pumps evenly to the entire body’s skin and gently massage in circular motions. It absorbs well and leaves no greasy residue.


Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Melissa officinalis flower/leaf stem water, Mentha Piperita Leaf Distillate Water, Coco-Caprylate, Squalane, Panthenol, Glycerol, Red algae gel, Bisabolol, Cistus ladaniferus leaf/stem water, Dehydroacetic Acid (DHA) and Benzyl Alcohol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract, Xanthan gum, Daucus Carota Sativa Root Extract, Bixa orellana seed extract, vanilla planifolia fruit extract


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