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The internet is full of jokes and memes about how women need countless products in their skincare routine, while men have one product that serves them for everything: face, beard, hair, body, and even for their metallic pets. Indeed, men’s skin is truly different from women’s due to the presence of testosterone hormones. It is more resistant to external influences, rougher, and produces more sebum. However, this does not diminish the fact that it also requires care. Fortunately, awareness of this is changing, and more men are realizing that skincare is an essential part of their daily self-care routine. Nevertheless, when it comes to skincare products, men generally prefer a simpler approach compared to women, and it’s no wonder they seek a straightforward approach to skincare. They focus on a smaller number of high-quality products that provide all the necessary care, and uchka cosmetics is precisely that.


Reviews of uchka cosmetics


uchka cosmetics is a unique collaboration between humans and nature. The main ingredients in all products are extracts of wild medicinal herbs harvested using a special wildpicking method. Carefully selected natural ingredients, each with extremely beneficial and gentle effects on the skin, are woven through controlled eco processes into all uchka products, which are both gentle and effective. It’s no wonder that they are so well-received and loved by our customers, both women and men.


“I’ve been using it for almost a month, and I’m very satisfied: fine lines are filled, and there are fewer dark circles! Very pleasant lightweight texture!” – Alesia on the Eye Cream for the eye area.


“I’ve been using uchka Rich Cream since this winter, and I must admit it has become part of my daily routine. As my face is very sensitive, especially in winter when the air is dry, I was looking for a cream that would soothe and nourish my face, where ‘applying’ would be a ‘feel-good’ action, and uchka amazed me. I recommend all men to include uchka skincare in their daily hygiene routine.” – Tomislav on Rich Cream for dry and mature facial skin.


“A very pleasant serum with a gentle scent. Perfect base for easier cream application. As I have dry and redness-prone skin, it visibly calms it. Warm recommendations.” – Martina on the Gel Serum.


“I heard about uchka cosmetics from a friend and decided to try it. For starters, I ordered the Gel Serum and got a tester for Nourishing Serum. Both products are excellent, and the Nourishing Serum is divine. It absorbs beautifully into the skin and leaves it nourished and smooth. I used to have reactions to natural cosmetics, but with uchka cosmetics, nothing. I’m definitely ordering more.” – Ivana on Nourishing Serum.


“I wash my face with cold water and just apply uchka’s Rich Cream, and there are no irritations from shaving.” – Anton on Rich Cream for the face.


“For dry hands, especially in winter due to the wind, perfect” – Niko on Protective Hand Cream.


Why are these two products such a great choice also for men?

uchka Rich Cream



A 24-hour nourishing cream designed for the care and regeneration of mature skin. Due to its ingredients, such as salvia cistus with exceptional antioxidant capacity, powerful bakuchiol (known as phyto retinol), and cold-pressed hazelnut and grape seed oils that effectively target moisture loss and strengthen the skin barrier, Rich Cream is an excellent choice for men’s skin, which generally, due to biology – hormones and structure, benefits more from powerful and “stronger” creams. Additionally, Rich Cream will deeply hydrate the skin, nourish it, and reduce pores, which men’s skin is also prone to.


uchka Protective Hand Cream


No one’s skin is immune to strong winds and winter, especially the skin of the hands, which is most exposed to external influences, whether it’s frequent contact with water, wind, or cold. As a result, hands require effective and more frequent care, and this uchka product is designed for that. Yarrow hydrolat with strong anti-inflammatory and soothing properties rejuvenates damaged skin on the hands, allantoin with added urea penetrates deep into the epidermis, restoring its moisture, while shea butter acts as a shield on the skin.


Best of all, Protective Hand Cream not only provides immediate protection and relief for dry and cracked hands but also ensures long-term care and deep hydration, as well as prevention of damage caused by external factors.

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