Neglected skincare step: How to care for lips properly

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Anyone with an interest in skincare recognizes the significance of adhering to a multi-step skincare routine. Applying cream, regardless of its quality, on an uncleansed face is not advisable. Similarly, for comprehensive care, incorporating serums into your routine is essential. Now, when it comes to lip care, why is it often overlooked, and why should you give more consideration to your lips while tending to your facial skin?


The skin on the lips is more sensitive compared to the rest of the face

Everyone with even a slight interest in skincare can articulate the importance of skin hydration. However, the same level of attention is not often given to lip care. A common reason for neglecting lip care is that many individuals simply extend their usual skincare routine to include the lips, using the same cosmetics applied to their face. Is this an appropriate approach?


Despite its seemingly small area, the skin on the lips is intricate and demands more focused care. For instance, if you have a problematic T-zone, you will undoubtedly take specialized care of the oilier part of your face and separately address the areas that are normal or dry. Special attention is given to the delicate skin around the eyes, as well as the neck and décolletage. Applying the same logic, the skin of the lips should also receive dedicated care.


In contrast to the rest of the face, the skin on the lips contains fewer sebaceous glands that generate sebum, the natural oil responsible for keeping the skin hydrated. This is exactly why they are more prone to drying out and why they require special care. Furthermore, lips are more exposed to external factors like wind, cold, or sun, making them more vulnerable to damage.


Lip Care Treatment is a premium product encompassing everything essential for lip health

Achieving proper lip care is straightforward – utilizing one excellent product consistently.    The Lip Care Treatment by uchka stands as a premium offering within the essential care line, designed to foster the beauty, health, and smoothness of the lips. This potent balm, formulated with wild herbs harvested through a unique wildpicking method, ensures deep nourishment for the lips. Beyond addressing issues like chapped, dry, and damaged lips, it also contributes to daily care, safeguarding against potential lip damage.


Lip Care Treatment is crafted from handpicked wild herbs of the Istrian Peninsula, including immortelle, yellow bedstraw, St. John’s wort, marigold, yarrow, plantain, and sage. These primary ingredients are further enriched with jojoba, castor oil, and vitamin E. All these components are carefully selected to synergistically:


  • alleviate discomfort on the lip area
  • regenerate damaged lip skin
  • reduce irritations and redness
  • preserve lip skin vitality
  • support lip renewal
  • provide protection against external factors that lips are particularly exposed to
  • strengthen the protective barrier of the lips
  • naturally moisturize and maintain lip hydration


In addition to the potent and beneficial ingredients from the heart of the wild, Lip Care Treatment is also free from parabens, artificial colors, and harmful chemicals. It can be used multiple times a day, and when it comes to care during colder weather, it will quickly become your must-have product. Specifically, before exposure to extreme weather conditions (severe cold or wind), it is advisable to apply Lip Care Treatment in a slightly thicker layer. Moreover, it exhibits particularly regenerative effects when applied before bedtime.

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