Colder weather and dry skin: What does proper care look like?

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Just as everything in nature changes with the change of seasons, so does the human body, and thus the skin. Even for those who are not sensitive, the skin becomes more sensitive in the winter than during the warmer months. Frequent temperature changes, i.e., going from hot to cold, lack of sunlight and shorter days, dry air, increased fatigue, etc. play an important role in skin health. To properly care for your skin during the winter and thus contribute to preserving its health, here are some golden tips.


Proper dry skin care comes from the outside and the inside

Signs of dry skin that indicate that it is high time to devote yourself to proper care are irritation, chapped skin, redness, and of course burning and itching. When that happens, call for uchka Rescue Balm – a specially formulated balm that is created from the maceration of seven types of the most potent wild harvested medicinal plants. It is ideal for the care of damaged skin, relief of dryness, unpleasant feeling of irritation, and also helps in creating a protective layer that will save the skin from adverse weather conditions. After application, it instantly provides a feeling of lightness and comfort, and with daily use it will regenerate the skin, make it soft, smooth and protected. You can apply it as many times as you want during the day, but it is advised not to miss it in the night care when it has a particularly regenerative effect.


However, in order not to get extreme symptoms of irritation, it is necessary to react properly even to a slight feeling of tightness. It is done, not only by treating the skin with a balm, but also by introducing other healthy habits. Here are some tips that will have a beneficial effect on the overall health of your skin:


  • make sure that the space you are in is humidified and airy: dryness and lack of fresh air not only take away humidity from the space, but also from your body
  • avoid bathing in hot water: it’s hard to resist a hot shower on cold days, but overdoing it with hot water dries out the skin
  • balance nutrition and water intake: although you may not feel as thirsty as in the summer, hydration from the inside, in somewhat more demanding conditions brought by dry and cold air, is extremely important; also, the intake of balanced foods, especially seasonal vegetables and fruits, will contribute to the health and beauty of the skin
  • protect your skin with clothes: a scarf, hat, warm clothes and gloves are not only there to keep you warm, nor are they exclusively fashion accessories, because warm clothes protect the skin from “cold attacks”


Simply, in proper skin care, it is not enough just to apply cream. Proper approach requires both external and internal care. But, when it comes to the cosmetic part of skin care, it should also be different during winter. The products you use during the winter should be richer and more nutritious. Also, you should pay more attention to night care.


Care of dry facial skin

Dry facial skin, unlike the rest of the body, unfortunately cannot be protected by clothing. It is particularly exposed to harmful external influences. In addition, a large role in increasing its dryness in winter is also played by a lack of sun exposure, more precisely a lack of vitamin D. Therefore, to maintain a healthy appearance and radiant skin, it is important not only to include in your routine creams with a rich texture, but also to include a serum that will additionally and deeply nourish the skin.


Natural cosmetics uchka, whose products are created from medicinal Mediterranean herbs wild harvested using a special wildpicking method, brings a great serum for winter face care – Nourishing Serum. The special feature of this serum, in addition to its rich texture, is the wealth of antioxidants, which stimulate the renewal cycle, nourish the skin, give it a fresh look and fight against free radicals – especially important in winter,

Nourishing Serum is created from macerate of wild harvested herbs in nine cold-pressed vegetable oils, whose composition of essential fatty acids best matches the composition of our skin. Namely, essential fatty acids are an integral part of the cell membrane of our skin. When they are unbalanced, this membrane can be damaged, and moisture loss occurs. This leads to dryness, inflammation, irritation, etc. By using uchka Nourishing Serum, this membrane is regenerated and strengthened, which means that the skin will be adequately protected from dryness and all other consequences brought by external factors during the winter months.


After the serum, it is necessary to “lock” the active substances that have penetrated deep into the skin, and this is best done by uchka’s natural Rich Cream, which contains powerful ingredients such as wild harvested salvia cistus extract, bakuchiol, and hazelnut and grape seed oils that are there to preserve beauty and skin health in a completely natural way. The velvety texture of the cream and its irresistible natural scent will renew your skin’s glow that can be lost during the winter.


With serum and cream in combination, the skin is deeply nourished, and this will not only reduce the dryness of the skin, but also prevent it.


Care of dry body skin

Unlike the face, the body is protected by clothing. It is warmed up and safe from the cold. However, the biggest enemy of the body are the irresistible hot showers. Not only do they dry out the skin, but the frequent habit of not using rich emulsion products right after showering is also a problem. Therefore, it is necessary to apply emulsion immediately after taking a shower (which you did not take with hot water!) because the skin then has a greater ability to absorb nutrients and the effect will be greater.


uchka Bi-Phase Body Elixir – a spray emulsion intended for the complete care of the body skin can help you against dryness. Thanks to its ingredients, it will gently and deeply nourish dry skin, and the application is extremely easy. Handmade organic carrot macerate in cold-pressed sunflower oil, red algae gel and hydrolates of wild harvested lemon balm and mint work synergistically in restoring the skin. They strengthen its hydrolipidic barrier, which is in charge of preserving moisture, protect against dryness, soothe and restore the skin’s healthy glow.

Bi-Phase Body Elixir is recommended to be used throughout the year due to the abundance of antioxidants and essential fatty acids, and especially as a solution for periods when you spend a lot of time in closed, air-conditioned and heated spaces.


Don’t forget to take care of your lips and hands

During winter lips are also not spared from troubles. Moreover, they are often unintentionally neglected throughout the year. Create a healthy lip care habit with uchka Lip Care Treatment. Whether your lips are dry, chapped or simply need extra care and protection from irritation caused by external factors, this balm will provide the care you need.


To complete the care of dry skin during winter, nourish your hands as well. Protective Hand Cream, a natural hand cream whose main ingredient is the hydrolate of wild harvested yarrow, will nourish even the driest hands and maintain their beauty and health during the coldest months. One more note for proper winter skin care: don’t forget to apply this cream to the elbows, which are so easily overlooked. Overall skin care in winter has never been easier than with uchka cosmetics.

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