The importance of skin hydration

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Where skincare is concerned, regardless of the various approaches of the beauty industry, hydration is a universally present element. It is crucial at any age and for all skin types. As insufficient hydration is one of the first causes of aging, it should not be taken lightly.

Water is a key element of our skin with several functions: protection, regulation, and sensation. The skin protects against environmental toxins, such as bacteria and viruses. In addition, it regulates body temperature and helps us sense our surroundings. The skin regulates water levels in our bodies by controlling transepidermal water loss. Hydration means a constant flow of water, as well as the prevention of moisture penetration from the outside. Insufficiently hydrated skin can be dry, irritated, and red. It can also lose its softness and flexibility, which leads to cracked skin that increases the risk of infections.

Potential causes of dry skin

Skin can become dehydrated in two different ways:

1) Insufficient water intake,
2) Excessive water depletion.

While water consumption is vital for healthy skin, it is not the only solution for skin hydration. A malfunction of a skin barrier will increase transepidermal water loss when water vapor crosses the skin to the external environment. It is an invisible and imperceptible phenomenon that differs from sweat, which can be seen and felt. With such a phenomenon, the skin loses its moisture and becomes dry.

Given that the skin is thinner and less protected when it is not hydrated, dry skin is more prone to the processes that can cause aging. Wrinkles occur when the skin grows thinner and loses the collagen that regulates skin elasticity. If the skin is dry, it gradually becomes irritated and inflamed. Consequently, this compromise skin’s health.

Hydration starts from within

If you regularly use a cream on your body and face, but the problem of dry skin does not go away, ask yourself if you are consuming enough fluids. Hydration starts from within. Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water a day, and instead of coffee, start the day with freshly squeezed natural juice or green tea packed with natural antioxidants.

Available digital technology can also help you. Today, numerous available applications can assist you in regulating water consumption daily by reminding you that it is time to drink a glass of water.

The results are inevitable. You will witness your body and facial skin become more supple and softer.

Hydration and cosmetic products

After water consumption, it is time to consider skincare products. Whether you have dry, oily, dehydrated, or normal skin, you should look for products designed for your skin type. For example, if your skin is dry, products with a thicker texture will be more agreeable to your skin and more nourishing. On the other hand, light mattifying moisturizers are perfect for oily skin.

Many effective ingredients in skincare products help maintain appropriate levels of skin moisture – hyaluronic acid, provitamin B5, allantoin, and many others. Every beauty routine should include a good moisturizing cream or serum containing these and similar ingredients. Depending on your skin type and preferences, you can choose from several moisturizing products – META-LIGHT, RICH CREAM, or GEL SERUM, all of which will have a profound hydrating effect on the skin and provide the moisture it needs.

Moisturizers are always a great ally for maintaining the skin’s beauty, elasticity, and softness. You can never have too much water – from the inside and out!


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