Time to be kind to your skin

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Too many cooks spoil the broth is an old proverb also true for the beauty industry. The rapid growth of the skincare industry confuses consumers. They question who they should listen to or who to trust. Every day new products for facial skin care are marketed, as well as new skincare rules and routines and revolutionary magic ingredients guaranteeing perfection overnight. Some people find them effective, and others don’t, so it is not wise to promote a product as a solution to all our problems. A universal remedy or panacea does not exist. However, it is true that all the answers we seek lie in ourselves or our environment. And all we need to do is listen to our inner voice, look deep into ourselves, and observe the tiniest parts of our bodies that function as separate units and together create a unique whole.

What is skin kindness?

You are familiar with the expression, but what does it exactly mean? This holistic, intuitive approach based on kindness to the skin is the latest trend in the skincare industry. After years of triple cleansing, removing active ingredients, and acid cocktail exfoliation, the beauty industry has decided to be less invasive, gentler, and simultaneously kinder to the skin. Accordingly, it took a turn towards more intuitive skincare trends.
The focus is on a personalized selection and use of products without rigidity, based on your skin needs, and not on a strict repetitive regimen. We let our intuition guide us when choosing skincare products. It is vital to listen to our senses and trust the inner wisdom that will tell us what is appropriate for us. It is about reconnecting with the source of everything, with nature, where everything functions perfectly.

A holistic approach is a precondition for a beneficial facial skincare

This is why we focus on holistic care that guides all our choices concerning what we eat and apply to our skin. Natural facial care is impossible if we do not have products designed on the grounds of the same principles, as well as without mindful and gentle care of every pore – from the first to the last step.
Today, skin products should be a result of an honest, mindful, and caring approach (from growing or picking herbs to an almost personalized production process focused on quality, not quantity) that guarantees the products are kind to the skin, nature, and ultimately ourselves.
Leading names in the cosmetics industry predict that the brands that care about emotional beauty will be the most effective. In addition to how we look, more and more, we value how products make us feel. There is no doubt that beautiful packaging attracts us. However, above all, we seek authenticity, originality, and dedication to creating unique skincare products containing precious gifts of nature for the skin. Kindness opens all doors and even leads us to beauty. That is why it is high time we started practicing kindness towards ourselves.



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