Hydration as a universal beauty rule

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Summer comes hand in hand with nice weather that invites us to enjoy the outdoors for several hours. Although absorbing the long-awaited rays of the sun offers its benefits, it also comes with consequences that can be reflected in our skin’s appearance, color, and texture.

Skincare during the summer

Skin dehydration is one of the most common problems we face during hot days. The most exposed part of our body throughout the year is the skin of the face, even during the summer days, because we absorb the sun’s rays by looking at the sky, forgetting that from time to time, it is necessary to take shelter in the safety of the shade and rehydrate the body and skin.

In case you thought that this topic did not concern you and decided that next time you will just bring a bottle of water and solve the problem, we must disappoint you – dehydration affects everyone equally, regardless of skin type or age, and requires a little more than a bottle of cold water. But if you want to find out how to spend your summer making memories instead of wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity, keep reading!

Although possible at any period of life, in all seasons, and affects all skin types equally – dehydration becomes a frequent problem for many in the summer due to high temperatures accompanied by insufficient hydration.

Why does the skin become dehydrated?

Dehydration of the skin is not only caused by insufficient intake of water in the body, but it also occurs due to a combination of different factors that weaken the skin’s protective layer, which is made up of water and fat. This protective layer of the skin also called the hydrolipidic film, prevents water loss from the skin – however, due to skin damage, water evaporation occurs and the appearance of symptoms related to skin dehydration.

Hydration, or the lack of it, depends on various factors. We can influence some – such as diet and lifestyle, but it is extremely difficult to avoid external conditions, especially in the summer months, such as climate, humidity, high temperatures, and frequent showers. Therefore, it is not surprising that during the day, we feel the tightening of the skin, we see a loss of shine, and, after some time, the appearance of fine lines – all these are the consequences of the lack of hydration of the skin.

Where to start? With hydration! 

In addition to frequent water intake to hydrate the body from the inside, external hydration is also important to nourish and refresh the skin throughout the day. uchka Balancing Mist is an ideal companion during summer days for all skin types. The hydrolate of wild-picked lemon balm and mint has an anti-inflammatory effect, while the combination of aloe vera extract and hyaluronic acid contributes to the renewal of hydration.

How to use uchka Balancing Mist?

Balancing Mist can be used on its own as an additional boost of hydration during the day – a couple of pushes directed towards the face are enough to restore the lost shine and stop the feeling of tightness. For all those who stop reading here, because they like to have long-lasting make-up even in the summer, uchka’s mist is specially formulated as a makeup fixer that can be applied on top of make-up without fear of spoiling the overall look, thus extending its durability during hot days.

In addition to its refreshing effect, the Balancing Mist serves as the second step of the beauty routine – after cleansing the face, which dehydrates the skin, the Balancing Mist serves as a tonic that restores the skin’s natural pH value and hydration while preparing the facial skin for better absorption of the following products.

So, fill the bottle with cold water and store uchka Balancing Mist in your bag, and the making of summer memories can begin!

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