Hyaluronic Gel Serum Named Best Premium Product on the Market

The dermatological jury of the Estetica Premium Award has declared Gel Serum as the ‘Best Hyaluronic Acid Skincare’ at the Estetica Premium Award ceremony held at the Esplanade Hotel.

14-Member Jury

The jury, consisting of fourteen members — Dr. sc. Željana Bolanča, Dr. Nevia Delalle, Prim. Dr. Sanja Poduje, Assoc. Prof. Dr. sc. Marija Buljan, Dr. sc. Jelena Meštrović Štefekov, Dr. Jolanda Kanižaj Rajković, Dr. Jelena Jakić, Dr. Saida Rezaković, Prim. Dr. Zrinka Stanić Žgombić, Dr. Maja Kovačević, Prim. Dr. sc. Ružica Jurakić Tončić, Dr. Dora Madiraca Glasović, Dr. Mikela Petković, and Dr. Vana Kljaković Gašpić — has named uchka’s Gel Serum as the best premium product with hyaluronic acid.

Acting as a hyaluron substitute through a super potent next-generation hyaluronic hydroactive complex, uchka’s Gel Serum creates an instant and long-lasting hydration effect by forming a molecular network on the skin’s surface, thus protecting it from moisture loss and restoring the quality of the skin barrier. Alongside the high hydroactive complex concentration, this facial serum’s main components include olive leaf hydrolate, yarrow, provitamin B5, tamarind, and red algae extract.

Four times stronger than vitamin C

Olive leaf hydrolate is a potent natural antioxidant with one of the highest activities against free radicals causing cellular damage, twice as powerful as green tea and four times stronger than vitamin C. It is a perfect ally in combating signs of ageing as it stimulates the skin renewal cycle, improves elasticity, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Yarrow hydrolate, tamarind, provitamin B5, and red algae extract further prevent dryness, moisturizing and soothing inflammatory processes in skin prone to redness and irritation.

Purpose of the Gel Serum

The Gel Serum is a crystal-clear, highly concentrated hyaluronic serum enriched with organic hydrolates of Mediterranean medicinal herbs, with effects visible after the first use. It powerfully hydrates, firms, and regenerates the skin. Suitable for all skin types as a crucial step in preventing dehydration, it is particularly beneficial for dry and dehydrated skin needing hydration, revitalization, and protection from moisture loss.


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