How to Properly Nourish Your Facial Skin: Bring Life Back to Your Skin

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The skin is an organ that undergoes many changes throughout life. Take, for example, just one year: in spring, it behaves in one way — some become oilier, pores may be more closed, and so on; in summer, it requires a completely different care routine—more abundant use of SPF, lighter textures. With the arrival of colder months, it seems like you need to create a new skincare routine unrelated to the one you had in the previous season. When we add the changes that come with age, it’s not surprising that we constantly need to listen to the needs of our skin and respond with proper care.


Why is it important to deeply nourish the skin?

Summer, which this year has decided to linger a bit longer, leaves traces on the skin. Sun exposure, sweating, clogged pores, the appearance of various blemishes… All these are specific stresses for facial skin that need to be calmed. Improper care during the transition between seasons can cause additional stress, resulting in dryness, excessive sensitivity, and a lifeless appearance of the skin. That’s why it’s essential to prepare the skin for the conditions that await with the arrival of colder weather.


Therefore, it is necessary to deeply nourish the skin. Here’s why: the skin consists of three layers—epidermis (the top layer), dermis (the middle layer), and hypodermis (the bottom layer). If the top layer is damaged, free radicals and other harmful external factors can easily penetrate it and reach deeper layers, where they can cause more significant damage. Similarly, if only the epidermis is nourished, hydration will not reach the dermis and hypodermis, layers where moisture retention is essential for a healthy and nourished appearance of the skin.


How to deeply nourish facial skin?

Deeply nourishing facial skin plays a crucial role in preserving the health and beauty of the skin. Deeply nourishing the skin means, first, providing it with enough hydration and helping it retain that hydration. Well-nourished skin prevents dryness while ensuring softness and smoothness. Additionally, this care contributes to maintaining elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So, how do you achieve such skin?



First and foremost, you need to build a skincare routine that meets the demands of your skin. When we talk about a “skincare routine” and “deeply nourishing the skin,” it’s impossible to achieve this by just washing with water and using cream. To deeply nourish the skin, you should introduce serums into your routine. Serums have a higher concentration of active ingredients than creams, they have lighter textures, and as such, they can penetrate the skin more deeply. Therefore, the serum should always be applied before the cream. Only after the skin absorbs it should you apply the cream to “lock in” the active ingredients and all the benefits the serum brings to the skin.


Choose a luxurious serum and rejuvenate your skin!

Depending on your skin’s needs, uchka has created two serums: the Nourishing Serum, an oil-based serum designed for the care of extremely dry and mature skin with visible signs of aging, and the Hyaluronic Gel Serum, suitable for all skin types, aiming to reduce and prevent skin dehydration. Both serums are unique not only because they are simultaneously rich and lightweight in texture, irresistibly scented, easy to spread, and quickly absorbed but also because they are highly concentrated with active ingredients that will nourish, renew, and further protect the skin.


The specificity of these serums, like every uchka product, lies in the fact that their active ingredients are derived from wild-picked Mediterranean medicinal herbs. Wild yarrow hydrosol, tamarind, red algae extract, as well as olive leaf hydrosol, are the main stars of the Gel Serum, while the Nourishing Serum features essential fatty acids from nine cold-pressed oils: grape seeds, wild rose, hazelnut, chia seeds, broccoli, baobab, blackcurrant, wheat germ, and sea buckthorn, along with extracts of wild salvia cistus, marigold, rosemary, and olive leaf.


If you want to deeply nourish your skin, recover from the stresses caused by summer, and prepare it for the new stresses brought by winter and cold air, incorporate serums into your routine—especially those, like the Gel Serum and Nourishing Serum from uchka, inspired by the wild nature and all the healing and deeply soothing nourishing ingredients it hides.

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