How to feel good in your skin?

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The fashion icon Coco Chanel has said that not all women are born beautiful but that they become beautiful as they mature and practice self-care. And she did not mean expensive perfumes and decorative cosmetics (because a woman herself symbolizes beauty) that cover her imperfections but about two things accessible to everyone: holistic care that will accentuate inner beauty and skin care.

Beauty and self-care are a means of self-expression, even an extension of women’s right to freedom and liberation. “When I say beauty, I see a smiling and proud woman displaying confidence in her stance and contentment with her skin and body.”

Skin and all its (im)perfections

Is there a more beautiful sight than a content and self-conscious person with beautiful and radiant skin? The skin is that natural veil that covers approximately 2m² of our bodies and accounts for 15% of the total body weight. It protects us from harmful environmental impacts and regenerates every month. However, despite its natural and inherent features, so many people are not happy with it because it is too oily, dry, red, or pigmented. These characteristics are the reason why so many of us do not feel comfortable in our shoes.

“I wouldn’t be in your shoes” is not said without reason. This metaphor for an emotional discomfort is what is visible in the skin. We have all experienced discomfort when our skin is concerned. After all, we can all remember times when we tried everything to cover up a skin imperfection, thinking people would see it from a mile away, even decided not to go out.

Unfortunately, for some of us, this feeling that impairs our quality of life haunts us every day. That is also confirmed in a global study by a well-known cosmetic brand, which showed that more than half of women, 51 percent of them, claim that skin problems impair their quality of life and prevent them from living life to the fullest. Slightly more than a tenth of them say that skin problems, starting from, for some charming, freckles, through dry and oily skin to eczema, vitiligo, rosacea, and scars that impair their health or appearance, also undermine their self-confidence.

What are the root causes of skin conditions?

To find a solution to your skin problems, you first need to discover the cause. Although various conditions have different triggers and causes, some are common to many skin problems. Among them are poor nutrition, aggressive reduction diets, insufficient fluid intake, and lack of vitamins and minerals. Even an increasingly present and socially accepted food intolerance can cause poorly hydrated skin that looks dry or oily. Although experts do not agree on how much and what you should eat, they all agree that fresh fruit, vegetables and adequate water consumption are crucial factors in maintaining healthy and hydrated skin.

In addition, lifestyle also plays a role in skin health. We live fast, lead sedentary lifestyles, are constantly stressed out, and spend most of our time indoors, rarely exposing ourselves to beneficial fresh air. All of that leaves traces on the skin. Research has also shown that our skin becomes more sensitive and reactive in stressful situations that impair its self-healing properties. Stress is such a blow to the entire organism that it can cause episodes of psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema.

Let’s not forget that hormones play a vital role in regulating the functions of all our systems, including the skin. Many women notice that hormonal changes impact their skin. That is so because the function of certain hormones changes with age. For example, if adult testosterone levels rise, the skin can become oily and prone to acne. When estrogen levels decrease, such as during menopause, less blood flows to the epidermis (the top layer of the skin), and the water content in the skin is depleted – causing your skin to be less hydrated.

Different weather conditions, but only one skin

We should also consider environmental influences. The sun is one of the biggest enemies that dries out the skin and causes wrinkles. However, cold and wind also cause the same unwanted effect. There is also dust, air conditioners, central heating, and even some chemicals found in beauty products, many of which dry out the skin or expose our bodies to toxins.

Therefore, do not forget to regularly moisturize your skin with products that create a soft barrier that prevents the penetration of toxic substances, avoid products that contain harmful chemicals or toxins, and, most importantly, get enough sleep. Beauty sleep, as called in women’s magazines, is the basis of beautiful skin and further care.

Boosting self-confidence

UCHKA natural beauty product line was designed to complement a holistic approach to skincare and boost self-confidence for all those who need extra support in finding balance and contentment in their skin.

When our clients say they feel good in their skin again, that their friends also notice the difference in their skin, and that they finally go out smiling and happy – we know we are on the right path.
All our products – face creams, eye care, and serums – are designed in synergy with nature and with one goal: to help women fall in love again with their skin, with all its imperfections.




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