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With the rise of environmental awareness and increased concern for health and the environment, many people are finally paying more attention to the ingredients in the products they directly apply to the skin. Since it is common knowledge that our skin absorbs a certain amount of everything we apply to it, it is of the utmost importance that the products we use daily will not do more harm than good in the long run.

The return to nature is visible on all levels – food, housing and cosmetics. Mentioning paraben- and sulfate-free cosmetics five years ago would go unnoticed. Today, as we are at the peak of the so-called clean beauty movement, most people know the meaning of that.

What exactly is clean beauty?

Let’s repeat – this movement has strongly propagated the elimination of redundant, unnecessary, and long-term harmful ingredients from everyday life. Where food is concerned, these are flavor enhancers and various artificial colors. In the case of cosmetics, they are perfumes, parabens, and highly allergenic ingredients such as essential oils. In the short term, these ingredients will not do any harm, but in the long run, they affect the health of the skin, as well as the entire organism.

On the other hand, clean cosmetic products are based on natural ingredients that positively impact skin health in the short and long term. They contain local, vegan ingredients and have eco-friendly packaging. That does not mean that clean cosmetics are free of all synthetic substances, but that these chemicals have been tested for many years and are known as harmless to health and have a beneficial effect on the skin.

Without fanfare and thanks to the results it yielded, the clean movement has slowly grown into a mainstream trend, influencing the cosmetic industry and raising awareness about eco-friendly practices beneficial for us and our planet. Its approach is a part of a more comprehensive philosophy that promotes simplicity of living and focuses on what is truly important. This is why the clean movement places emphasis on using nature’s gifts.

How can I tell that a product is clean?

Although clean beauty applies to anything, there are a few things you can do to choose products that are better for the environment and your body.

Study the ingredients

To learn more about the ingredients in beauty products, read about available ingredients approved by the government authorities in your state. Educate yourself by reading scientific articles providing evidence of ingredients’ harmfulness and effects.

Choose products without artificial fragrances and colors

Products with no artificial fragrances or colors are more environmentally friendly thanks to fewer ingredients and fewer toxic substances. At the same time, they are gentler on the skin.

Choose brands that recycle

Look for beauty brands that donate a portion of their profits to environmental initiatives, use recycled packaging, or have a recycling program. By supporting such brands, you also contribute to environmental protection.

UCHKA is an example of truly clean cosmetics

UCHKA cosmetics operates in line with all the mentioned conditions. It offers natural, autochthonous Istrian craft cosmetic products containing the essences of medicinal, wild plants from micro-locations of Učka, Ćićarija, and Rt Kamenjak.

We harvest the plants using special “wildpicking” rituals harmonized with the sustainability requirements pertaining to the plant population and microhabitats (we never pick the whole plant, but only a single leaf or flower) at a recommended time of the year and a recommended part of the day depending on insolation and humidity. Within a few hours of harvesting, the plants go through a preparation process to ensure the maximum amount of plant active ingredients is in the final product. UCHKA uses the remains of the raw material production process, i.e., the remaining plant material from the production of hydrosols and macerates, for composting hence returning it to nature to support the regrowth of plants.

All UCHKA products are vegan, gluten-free, dermatologically tested products safe for pregnant and lactating women and have not been tested on animals

After using the product, please return the empty glass packaging to UCHKA. After cleaning and sterilizing them, UCHKA will reuse them for new products.


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